Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Cards Through the Years

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things! I love paper goods in general, so throw Christmas into the mix and I am one happy girl.

I thought I'd share our card from this year along with our other cards from the last several years (my husband and I started sending out cards in 2015 when we were engaged). 

This is our card from this year. I knew I wouldn't have myself together enough post-move to get photos taken and cards sent, so I opted for a non-photo card announcing our move. 

(I marked out our address)

Our card from last year is a "funny" card. We were trying to take these photos ourselves and we were adamant about including the cat (do not recommend) so finally I just said, you know what, let's just embrace this. 

2016 was the year we got married, so we used a wedding photo for our cards. I really love this card. 

And for 2015 we used an engagement photo for our very first Christmas card! 

Right now I just have a copy of all of our old cards stored in a keepsake box with other mementos, but I want to put together some sort of scrapbook or album of just our Christmas cards through the years. I'm still figuring out what I want to do, but it's something on the list for 2019. 

What do you guys do with your old Christmas cards?

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

This was our last weekend in town before we head home to Texas for Christmas. We kept it pretty low-key and relaxed, but still had a really good weekend.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside on Saturday (high 40's and SUNNY), so we decided to take Molly to the dog beach. The dog beach is one of her favorite places ever and she had a blast. She loves the way the sand feels on her feet and will just run and run and run.

After the dog park, we dropped Molly off at home and headed back out on foot to check out a burger place a few blocks from our apartment. Phillip had a bacon cheeseburger and I had their barbacoa quesadillas and both were fantastic. 

 I love this city. Just walking around to makes me so happy. 

We wore our Christmas sneakers, so I had to grab a picture of our feet. :)

We talked about going to the Christkindl Market after lunch, but I had leftovers I wanted to bring home so we ended up coming back after that and decided to stay in and watch Christmas movies. We watched both Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street (the one with Matilda, not the original).

Sunday was spent doing all the laundry and cleaning and getting ready to be out of town for a week. (And watching the Packers lose, but that part doesn't really need to be discussed.)

Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!

This week has felt longer than normal with some earlier than usual conference calls (5am call this morning) so I am extra excited for the weekend.

I'm linking up with the Friday Favorites ladies Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites on this fine Friday.

- ONE - 

I've been re-watching Friday Night Lights this week while I do things around the apartment, like address Christmas cards and fold laundry. I turned it on the other night because I was feeling homesick for Texas and it was exactly what I needed. If you haven't watched this show (why haven't you watched this show?), you need to do it immediately. Side note: I always skip season 2 because it's the worst and does not deserve a rewatch. Every other season is gold.

- TWO - 

I have aaaalmost addressed all of our Christmas cards and will be putting those in the mail this weekend. Just need to get a couple more addresses from my husband. I always procrastinate this because I think I'm going to do some sort of beautiful hand-lettering, but this year I was more self-aware and just wrote them out quickly and was done with it. 

I'll share our cards in a post next week along with all our previous cards through the years. :) 

- THREE - 

This hand cream is my favorite this week (and really every week, but my hands have been particularly dry this week). My hands get super dry in the winter and it's a thousand times worse since we moved to Chicago where it's actually cold (and yes, I realize it's going to get about three hundred levels colder before the winter is over - let's not talk about that now). This stuff is a lifesaver. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

This weekend, like all weekends, went by way too quickly.

Saturday morning I went to the gym and then I spent some time setting up this little blog.

We moved into our new apartment in Chicago in October and are still searching for some pieces of furniture and other things for it. I'd ordered a console table online from Wayfair (we needed something super narrow for the weird little space we have behind our couch) and it was supposed to be delivered next Tuesday, but I got a fun little surprise notification saying it had been delivered. Phillip went down to the package room to grab that and we got it assembled while watching Home Alone.

After that, we hopped in the car and headed out to Rockford (where Phillip is from - about 90 minutes from Chicago) to meet up with his brother and cousin for an amateur (the signs outside called it pro, but it was most definitely amateur) wresting event.

On the way out there, we stopped at a Home Goods in the suburbs to look for some things we needed because suburban Home Goods stores are a thousand times better than city Home Goods stores. It's a fact. We were looking for three things specifically on this trip and we scored a table/shelf thing and a giant mirror, but struck out on the giant floor lamp, which we wouldn't have been able to fit in the car anyway, so it all worked out.

Now the wresting. Y'all. This was exactly as weird as you are imagining it would be, but it was so much fun. We had a blast and it was fun hanging out with Phillip's brother and cousin.

Sunday was filled with normal Sunday things, like the gym and grocery shopping. We continued working on getting the apartment set up and started hanging things on the walls (I'll share more apartment photos later once we're a little more settled and it looks less like a constant war zone) while we watched football. 

Overall, I'd say we had a fun and productive weekend around here.